We Admire Our Delta, But Wish We Bought a Moen

Kitchen faucets form an extremely important part of any modern kitchen interior because of the degree of convenience it provides to its users. Thus, I was certain that I needed a kitchen faucet with all the modern trappings to benefit the most from the purchase. I was not sure regarding the brand of faucet, which would be best for my use. However, I made a decision nevertheless and chose to bring home a delta kitchen faucet. Even though the salesperson had promised me virtually the moon with my new faucet, I was in for some heavy disappointments. This is because Delta kitchen faucet failed miserably to match most of my expectations.

kitchen-faucetOne of the most obvious problems was due to the high clearance of the faucet, which caused a much stronger splash back from the sink that it was with earlier but much simpler faucet. I also had to face quite a bit of problem during the installation process itself. The cold and warm water pipes that came with the faucet were rather inflexible and needed quite a bit of patience from my part. Moreover, the kitchen faucet from the Delta brand has little or no matching fixture available for it in the market, which is bound to be a cause of headache for its owners. Even the touch sensitive button on the faucet worked inefficiently. This was in addition to the absence of the sprayer button, which makes it more convenient to switch the water off. Thus, I had a quite a bit of complaints against my Delta kitchen faucet.

The inefficiency of my Delta kitchen faucet made me wish that I had instead opted for a Moen kitchen faucet because of user-friendly features that are on offer there. The kitchen faucets from the Moen brand come with extremely capable motion sensor technology, which allows the users to turn on and off the flow of water with a simple wave of the hand. Thus, users can control the flow of water with utmost of convenience. Moreover, this smart piece of technology turns out to be extremely effective for greater water conservation. This is in sharp contrast to the inefficient touch sensitivity button on my Delta faucet.

I wish that I had bought the Moen kitchen faucet because it comes in so many stunning finishes that would have accentuated the looks of my kitchen interiors. I could have chosen between the chrome, stainless, and oil rubbed bronze finishes for my kitchen. Moreover, the matching fixtures for faucets from this brand are more readily available in the market as noted on this website. This is bound to be welcome news to any owner of kitchen faucets. Thus, there is no space for even an iota of doubt that I will prefer to have Moen kitchen faucet to the one from Delta the nest time I buy one of those.