Breville Or Jack LaLanne – Take Your Pick

breville or jacklalanneName two juicer brands instantly recognizable as leaders in their field and folks will more often than not pick Breville and Jack LaLanne. But which one is better? Or is it subjective and depends entirely on your needs and wants? Let’s find out.

As far as customer satisfaction goes both brands garner a decent overall rating so there’s no differentiating there. Then there is the question of pricing and the effect it has on humans. Higher the price naturally indicates better quality products and more care in its manufacturing or testing but this is not always the case. Basically, the only real way to compare two brands side by side is to dive deep into each major criterion that makes a juicer what it is.

Power Output Maybe?

Should raw power output be a factor at all in this comparison? For instance, most Breville juicers offer nearly one kilowatt of power as opposed to the meager quarter kilowatt power from a Jack LaLanne juicer. Now while more power equals better juicing if you take nothing else into account, such a huge difference in power output does put the Breville up ahead. At the very least, you can juice all kinds of fruits and even veggies with a Breville.

Speed Options Matters

Some items need a slower speed setting and others are best juiced at really quick speeds. Having the option to set the speed of your juicer really does help in extracting the most out of any ingredient. Breville juicers clearly win out here with their minimum of 2 settings while most Jack LaLanne tend to offer just a single constant speed.

Quality Of Juice

It is not right to say that power, speed and other factors together determine the best juicer. The most important factor though is quality of juice. By quality I mean extracting maximum nutrients and I refer to the pulp dryness when I say this. I find that Breville juicers tend to leave a lot drier pulp than Jack LaLanne so obviously the juice must be more nutritious.

Easy To Clean And Reuse

No matter how good a juicer is, you do not want to be spending time scrubbing a juicer after every healthy drink. Having a juicer with dishwasher friendly components does help and once again Breville wins out over here thanks to its modularized design

My Final Verdict

Okay so to a Jack LaLanne supporter, this post may seemed entirely loop sided but face it, every factor that decides on superiority of a juicer points to Breville being the most obvious choice. Sorry guys but for me Breville juicers win the duel.