Whoever Said Blending Destroys Nutrition

Here’s a good question – does blending oxidize and hence destroy vitamins and enzymes in greens? A lot of talk has happened on this specific issue and while the consensus is still divided I would like to put forward a few important facts against the notion.

First up if this were true then any smoothie you make would only have around 15% maximum nutrients in it. The premises for this theory is simple that oxidation occurs during blending as oxygen is sucked out of the vitamix blender due to the high speeds and this destroys nutrients in the food which otherwise is present when eaten in the solid state.blending destroys nutrition

Okay, so I am not saying that there isn’t any loss of nutrition by blending greens and fruits. What I do not agree with is that this is the only way in which nutrients are lost. What about peeling, shredding, chopping, cutting and juicing? It stands to reason that food loses nutrients doing any of the above activities too, right?

Quite honestly, the only way I feel to get maximum nutrients is to lay down and eat plants straight out of the soil!

Okay enough of cross-talk, let’s see the proof for such claims.

In any specific research conducted or lab testing done is it clear enough to prove that 92% nutrient loss occurs due to blending. In fact, what experiments have been conducted to corroborate such findings?

Fact Check

First, a professional blender can easily make a smoothie in just 30 seconds, just see these professional blender reviews. And I personally never prefer blending for longer than 45 seconds so I doubt this could lead to a 92% loss in nutritional value.

Next up, green smoothies tend to be rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, carotenoids and more that all prevent oxidation in the first place!

Just think about it. A freshly prepared smoothie that is drunk in less than few minutes of having made it should have no less nutrients than say a pumpkin or an apple exposed to air.