The World In My View

earthEvery New Year witnesses events that are etched into people’s memory. Some global others local but there are always defining events annually. What strikes me the most though is how every individual remembers different things differently. Depending on one’s bias, one’s motivations and key influence factors, the ultimate view or opinion differs and quite naturally, so do the major events of a year. For me events close to me, surrounding my daily life are my world views. They can range from what is happening in Sudan, the atrocities committed by “so-called” world leaders to poverty inflicting a heavy death toll among children. Likewise, my brand new 4K television becomes the world in my view with respect to technology and its advancement. Even something as ubiquitous as the razor I use can reflect my world view!

In the coming few months I hope to establish my opinions, my favorite items, what tickles my interest, interesting reads from here and there and much more. I am not going to simply aggregate stuff but I will be putting out my opinions on events, objects, services and anything that I come in direct or indirect contact with. Something influenced my thought process, you get to hear about it and why. While I am a gadget freak and love physical objects, I will try and explore my spiritual and social sides too, or at least give it an attempt. As for politics, maybe or maybe not – unsure of this one.

Enough ranting for starters, my next post will surely venture more into what’s affected me as for now, Christmas is on my mind and plenty of new gizmos are at hand, might as well start giving my take on them. Stay tuned and please admirefromafar?